Architectural Blueprints

Please enjoy the plans. We have copies of the plans in the hallway going fro the Clement Room to the Station! Ask any of our wonderful employees to show you… And come see how the construction is going!


9 thoughts on “Architectural Blueprints

  1. pete morrill

    Great idea

  2. Just don’t screw up what you have! I’ve been coming here for years during ski season and you’ve got a wonderful place. I’ve watched many a place do major expansions, only to lose the ambiance that made them special.

    • Hi Geoff! Our vision throughout this project will remain the same as all of our other projects. We are aiming to emulate the same vibe all of our customers have enjoyed in years past. The “Station Charm” will always remain as long as we’re here! See you out soon!

  3. P.s. I was looking at the drawings and I didn’t see a space for the popcorn machine! I sure hope that was just an oversight…

    • Haha. The popcorn machine will be temporarily housed in the Brew Pub, directly down the brick walkway. As far as the new project, we are still trying to locate a great location… Any Ideas???

  4. Nancy Eldredge

    What new project? What did I miss??? lol

  5. Geoffrey MacG

    Is the dance floor separate from the function room? Also, what is the max. capacity for a function? Thank you.

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