Who We Are

Woodstock Inn opened on Christmas of 1982. The Main building was a 100-year-old residence that had been deserted for 17 years and was converted to 4 guest rooms, small restaurant with 25 seats and an owner’s room in the attic.  In 1984 The Lincoln railroad station was going to be torn down and was purchased and moved to the inn with a larger kitchen, bathrooms connecting the two buildings together. A new owner’s quarters was added in a formally deserted part of the main house adding 2 new rooms to the Main house.

1984 Riverside building purchased and 11 guest rooms added

1986 Stock Room added to Station, 60 seats

1988 Deachman House bought, 4 additional rooms

1993 Porter Room added to the Station, 60 Seats

1995 Brewery and Brewpub added 50 seats

2002 Sawyer House added 3 rooms

2006 Cascade Lodge added 9 rooms

We now operate 33 rooms in 5 different buildings. Two restaurants, The Clement Room Grill, which is upscale with 60 seats and The Woodstock Station with 225 seats and 50 patio seats as well. Our restaurant has received The White Mountains Favorite restaurant 4 times by New Hampshire Magazine and has been featured twice by Boston’s Phantom Gourmet.

The Woodstock Inn Brewery started serving in house guests in 1995. In 2000 we started to distribute a small amount off premise, which was well received. Shipyard Brewery in Portland Maine started packaging products for us in 2005. Since then we have seen dramatic growth in package and draft sales. This year we should be over 5,000 barrels total production. This was the sales level we were forecasting would make bringing a brewery operation in house profitable. Pig’s Ear Brown Ale, Pemi Pale Ale have all won national awards. We now distribute through distributors in all the New England States except Maine, which will be starting this summer.

Management Staff at the Woodstock Inn have all been with the company for at least 15 years and are committed to the company’s success. Our slogan is “Great Taste from a Special Place.” A place where people are proud of the beer we produce, the meals we serve and great times to people will remember. The Inn Employs 45 people full time and over 100 during peak seasons. This expansion will add up to 7 full time employees as well as numerous part time positions

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