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Brewery Equipment Installation

Ever wonder what it looks like to install 1000 gallon tanks??? Well, let us show you…

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Some Finishing Touches

Happy almost winter everyone! Here is some updated photos… We are hoping for a mid-December opening for our new structure, so keep your fingers crossed. We have a very exciting month a head of us and if you haven’t yet come up to see the addition, this is the time. I think it’s safe to say T-Minus One Month!

Check it Out…

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Let there be Light!!!

Solar Equipped

Hello everyone!!! 54 solar panels make up Lincoln/Woodstock’s first solar supported business! We don’t just set trends for food… now we set trends for environmentally friendly brewing and dining!!! By the end of next week, all the siding should be installed and the exterior of the brewery will be completed. After that, it is the simple internal stuff, and installing the physical brewing equipment and bottling line. You need to come check it out if you have not seen the building. It is as beautiful as Peggy… We have booked 12 weddings and functions so far for next year so if you are at all considering using the function space make sure you email Peggy at functions@woodstockinnnh.com as soon as possible! We just picked out the wooden chairs for the Kanc Club Room, and we can absolutely promise an increadible function/wedding up there. WEven the chairs reek White Mountains.

Couple things going on this week:

  • New carpet for the brew pub and lower station (the old train station)
  • New carpet for the Porter room and hallways
  • Finishing up the new high tops for the expanded part of the new entrance
  • leveling the ticket room

Check out the pictures below!!!!

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Full Steam Ahead

Hi Everyone!!! We at the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery would like to thank you all for an epic summer! We have some exciting news to share as well as some updated pictures of the construction. Scott has decided to keep our existing 7 barrel brewing system… So we will have TWO breweries!!!! This will allow us to utilize the small existing facility to brew the beer for our on premise needs, brewers weekends and pilot batches for new, creative beers. We have also decided to put more solar panels on the roof than we had originally planned to stay “off the grid” if you will. Check out some photos below… We have pics of the fireplace, function suite and the brewing level.

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We Won!!!

Where to Buy the Replica Louis Vuitton speedy 35 25 30 40?i know many website have Louis Vuitton handbags bags purse belts shoes backpack wallets on sale in cheap price.Free Shipping! they take the Authentic Louis vuitton products factory outlet direct!i particularly love louis vuitton men&women belt,great quality,also the 2014 latest style bags! Lots of great things happening here at the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery. First off, as many of you know, our main bar has been opened for a few weeks now. The reaction from everyone has been more positive than expected, thanks! Phase two will be done by November 1st, which will include our new entrance, wood burning fire place and a few more high tops behind the bar. The new stage has been a hit with all our old regular bands… and dancers. We also put a pool table in down in Lower Station as well for all you sharks looking to hone your skills.


Check out that baby!!! Scott bought the chandelier from Randy Travis, the country music star. It looks beautiful, and other than the new bar, has been the major attraction so far!!!






Most Importantly:

We won the Best Brewery in New England from NECN TV!!! It is huge for us especially now that we are underway with the new project. Check out the link to the video:

http://www.necn.com/07/30/12/louis vuitton-Best-brewery-Woodstock-Inn-Station-/landing_newengland.html?blockID=748401&feedID=4206


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The Countdown Begins..

Well folks, as you can see by the photos, it is but a matter of days before we open up the new main bar. It has been a great journey so far, and with much thanks to the guys over at Lawton Construction, Caulder Construction, Frase Electric, Dick Flanagan, ALBA Architects and whomever else we have forgot. When we open this bar, no one will have seen anything like it. Welcome to the future of the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery.

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It’s All Happening!!!

Well folks, the “Dam” Bar has been completed and was enjoyed by all. Rain or shine it is going to be the new spot in town. Dane Rand graced the patio with his sweet guitar licks on Saturday as we fully christened the new haunt. As far as construction on the brewery… You can see in the photos that the foundation is connected, and nearly done. All Saffo needs to do is pour the ground and their job here will be done. Sheet rock and the main bar will be up in the next two weeks, and the Lawton Co. will be bringing in an army next week to accomplish some interior work. If you were looking for a tie to check it out, there is none better than now. Always bringing you the excitement, The Woodstock Inn, Station, New Brewery and Dam Bar…

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The “Dam” Bar is getting close and The Brewery is coming along….a

Just wanted to give you some updated photos. We decided to add 30″ to the dance floor at this weeks contractor meeting, so that will give everyone a few more feet of dancing room. We are always thinking about you guys!!!

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Building the “Dam” Bar, Continued Construction on the Brewery

Well folks, we are a month and a half into construction and things are still going strong. Also, everyone has been asking about our new “Tiki” bar outside on the patio, both what it’s going to look like and it’s final completion date. Well, here are a few photos of what it will look like and it should be done on the 19th of this month. No guarantees, but that is our target, and it is right in our crosshairs. We salvaged some beaver downed trees from Butch’s property and connected them back to their stumps using rebar and metal pipe. These 7 trees will be holding the roof up and look SWEET! We are pumped up, as this bar is really like no other… Uniqueness in case you haven’t figured it out yet is always part of our vision.

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As far as the rest of the construction is concerned, the roof is going up quickly. Saffo has been pouring lots of concrete and Riess has been flying steel. Come check it out first hand and drink a 4,000 footer IPA!!! Below are some new construction photos!!!

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Construction Continues!!!

Just a little photo update of where construction stands to this date. The steel beams are soaring and the patio is looking real sweet. Check our our special for the next two weeks. Come stay with us and get a birds-eye-view from your room as the massive crane strategically places the multi ton beams to create your favorite new brewery!

Swinging the Steel 

Stay midweek Sun- Thur the last week in April and first week in May.

Traditional – $60 per night, Classic-$75 per night, or Grand – $90 per night.

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